Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Oh Santa Baby


Loving December.. it's probably one of my favourite months because of the festive mood everywhere. Not to mention that I love Christmas, and I enjoy Christmas exchanges - regardless of the budget/nature of it.. the point is the joy of exchanging little gifts within a group and the laughter that follows :b

I wanted t fill this post with some pictorial updates but there's something wrong with the connection and I'm not receiving the pictures. Of course I wanted t type a reasonably lengthy post as well, but me being me, I was distracted. LOL. Ohwell, next time then, I need t wake up early so I need t sleep now..

Meanwhile, keep believing! Another great year is waiting t welcome us, soon. :)


Friday, October 03, 2014

A title for this post is redundant.

I'm tireddddd. I think as responsibilities stacked up, work felt heavier. In my first three months, leaving on the dot wasn't an issue, and I felt that the workload was at a pretty comfortable pace. But during the last few months.. there's been a consistent, increased frequency of OT experience. The amount of work to manage alone for my brand... in my opinion I think it's quite a lot.

Everyday time flies like nobody's business, and there's so much to do.

And I was doing work a while ago.

Of course I think I learnt a lot in the realm of marketing, as I had to do every single shit because there's nobody else working on my brand (except for my GM but it doesn't make sense if she does the work herself as she has her own area of specialization to work on). This is not funny.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Make everyday count

I feel particularly loser-ish today. I don't know where all my motivation has gone to.. I used to be more digilent than this? Maybe it's just one of those times where every one of us has at some point of time - feeling lost. 

I don't know but this feeling is utterly sickening. I don't want to feel like this, or rather, I don't want to create any chance for me t feel like this.

Ok, come on girl. Get a fucking grip of yourself.


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Butterfly kisses and dandelion wishes

Oh dear, it's been 3 months since I last blogged.

Time on the laptop has definitely decreased after starting work, once again. Just came online t research on accommodation for Taiwan in June, and we finally finished booking the places to stay. Can't wait! Again, I seemed to be always visiting places which I've gone before hahaha. But since I've never gone there with Lou before..... It's gna be an amazing experience :)

Managed to go on a short get away to Bali last month though! A really short one over the weekend, but the little retreat felt good, away from the hustle and bustle here, away from work..

I should wash up and sleep already :3
Hope everyone's having a good week! x

Thursday, February 27, 2014


After our first day of voluntary work at the dog shelter :)
One of my favourite similarities we share - our love for animals x

Everyone, it's mid-week!!!!!! Embrace the weekend real soon ;)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Stay gold

As we have all experienced and are aware of, there are multiple factors which affect significant decisions in life.. It could be effort, talent, determination, luck, values, influencers... and the list goes on.

But above all, I think timing has the biggest play.
And you'll never really realize how important that particular timing when an occasion occurred/could have occurred was, until some point later.

TGIF, anyway!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I'm a lover, I'm a fighter

One of my favourite activities is actually, and surprisingly, watching movies. I know some people might find this lame since watching movies is an activity widely integrated into our social lives.. it's like a common practice which many probably won't even associate the word "favourite" with.

I don't know, but I just like watching stories unfold on the big screen. Magical, comedic, romantic, inspiring, heroic (and any descriptive word of a movie you deem fit) stories being illustrated. Be it fictional or based on true stories. It's like for that very few hours, I'm immersed in the story's settings. Plus, some films have such amazing cinematography.

I think I pay attention better when watching movies in a theatre though, as with how we usually force ourselves to sit through the movie even if we need the washroom and how we don't get interrupted by texts/calls etc.. LOL okay why am I even analyzing this part.

Speaking of movies, "Lone Survivor" is such a worthy watch. One of the best movies so far in 2014 (in my humble opinion haha).

Ahhh, I can't wait for Wednesday to have something settled and confirmed. Once I've made up my mind and have it settled, it will be one significant concern off my mind.

Life's been good! I feel really happy. It's such a great feeling to be happy with what I have. Actually, if only we could remind ourselves hard enough that there are many less fortunate situations out there in other parts of the world.. we don't really have the right to feel unjust and unhappy. 

Will be going to volunteer at a dogs/cats' shelter this Sat with bb.. can't wait :)


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Say what you wanna say, and let the words fall out

Oh nooooooo, so I've been sleeping late. Lately. Habits, ugh.

Crossing my fingers (toes as well) lately.. I hope I am able t secure something I like because I think having a certain extent of interest in what I do is crucial. In many ways it could possibly matter.

Learning t be content everyday. There are times when relativity and comparison would find their way t our minds inevitably, but still, keep reminding yourselves t stay thankful. And kind.